Understanding the Google Wonder Wheel

There is a tool in Google’s search functionality that is not known much to everyone. It is known as the Wonder Wheel. Typically, this is another way of viewing your search results but it is more about developing a visual wheel consisting of search terms that Google considers to be relevant to your main search. This view can be accessed by making a search and by clicking on the Show Options displayed on the page top. When the sidebar appears on the left side, you should scroll down for the view option and click the wonder wheel. You can also find lots of options in the sidebar.

The best thing about this feature is that it offers you with a simple guide that lets you optimize your pages, complete site, blog posts and it is also the best place for creating highly efficient PPC campaigns. Even though there are lots of ways of doing it, but simplicity is the best option to go about it.

Wonder wheel helps in optimizing your website around crucial and relevant keyword phrases. If your focus is to remain on the top of the keyword phrases chosen by you, then it is important that you start thinking strategically. More the competitive are your terms, the more is the need to optimize with care. With the wonder wheel feature you can concentrate on the optimization of the home page for the main term, and then develop pages with content that are particularly focused on the different wheel spokes. This strategy gives a clear picture of the way Google views your keyword. And, there is much deeper information to delve into this aspect of wonder wheel, but here you are touching the basic foundation.

Wonder wheel helps in the creation of efficient PPC campaigns. The more your ad is targeted in terms of message and audience, the more are the chances of it giving a good performance. This approach can let you to drop the main phrase as it could be highly crowded and expensive. The focus needs to be on developing different ads and campaigns for each and every spoke term by the creation of different ad groups using wonder wheel strategy for additional half a dozen phrases. Then, the keyword suggestions from Google are added in order to complete the groups with a maximum of 10 to 15 per keyword. Ensure that specific ads are created for each of the group. It gives you a simple way to do things that would otherwise be done using more complicated methods. At the same time it offers you a good way to get started.

In addition to post writing, wonder wheel also acts as an effective tool. It is up to you to decide the content and make use of the suggestions on wonder wheel spokes with phrases that can be worked into a post. Wonder wheel can also be used in order to propose topics about which you can write and include them as phrases in the title of the blog post. The wonder wheel approach is probably one of the simplest methods of keeping your mind activated for topics for your posts, and at the same time keeping your efforts of SEO focused.

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