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If you are looking forward to rank the search engine especially Google, then you can use Twitter Tweets for search engine optimization. You can surely take advantage of the tweets on the Google search results. The purpose for sharing and using these tweets is because the Twitter account as well as the tweets appear in the real search result. Using your tweets to be able to drive traffic on your website can be done successfully if you will be able to comprehend how to do the process and how it works. The power of the Twitter can be used fantastically for the advantage of your website and your website can be viewed on Google right away.


Google values the tweets you share. Hence, if you wish to increase the effectiveness of your tweets through the application of several Twitter SEO, here are some tips that you can follow and be able to maximize and take full advantage of the opinions and tweets you share around Twitter. First, you have to optimize the Twitter Account first. Have the following in place, your Twitter username, Twitter biography and website address.


In the URL, you will see your username and infront of every tweet. Thus, you can take advantage of this by using a username that is relevant to your website, brand, company, product, service or blog and others. Google will be forced to rank your tweets since your users name would contain the keyword you are targeting. You can rank the tweets higher through this. If you have already created a Twitter account, then just simply change the username to suit the purpose you wish to achieve. However, only 15 characters is allowed for the username. You also should be aware that your Twitter biography is just like the meta description of your website. Include relevant keywords in your bio. Also, your Twitter profile should contain the website address.


Furthermore, utilize the first 40 characters of the tweets you are making since these are the words that matter the most. Also, the first 40 characters have your username on it. So try and also include the most essential keywords that you are optimizing for so that your tweets will obtain better search results. Don’t neglect the retweets as well. When you tweet valuable tweets then the other twitter users can retweet them. This will enable your tweet to spread. However, ensure that you limit the length of your tweets so that your followers can retweet them easily. “RT @username” is counted part of the first 140 characters that are most essential.


Understand that hashtags are vital for SEO-ing Twitter tweets since they function as keywords. In order to create hashtags just use the prefix in a keyword with the number sign. This will reference the tweets on the chosen keyword to enable other Twitter users to find out your tweets who are interested on the similar keyword and this can be retweeted. Also, you have to utilize an effective URL shortener that will redirect the user to the URL since not all of the URL shortener will direct you to the real URL.


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