Why Link Chaos is Superior to Link Wheel

In a society where everything is controlled by computers, and everything is sold online, as a business holder you are fully aware of the importance of search engine optimization as well as the need to get more traffic to your site. The more traffic you get to your site, the more you can sell, and for this you need to look at the newest advances in SEO technology.

One popular method of search engine optimization has always been link wheel. Link wheel allows a wheel of sites that are all owned by you to be linked together, increases your opportunity of sales as well as views. When a viewer clicks on one site, he will be directed to another site by you, allowing you to gain rankings in the most important search engines. When you are looking for increased traffic to your site, it is important that the viewer is constantly directed back to your product, link wheel being a good way of achieving this goal.

One downside to link wheel, although it is confirmed that the process is totally white hat and above board is that you can leave a link wheel footprint; this over time can actually be more damaging to your site than helpful, and the leaving of a wheel footprint can actually discourage views to your site and content. Constant redirecting back to the same and obvious content will mean that viewers will eventually be discouraged from buying from your sites; this means that you need a way to have viewers directed to your content, but in a way that is less obvious than link wheel.

Link chaos, as the name suggests, is a totally chaotic process, and one that will not leave footprints; as it does not leave any footprints it cannot damage your site or content and will only increase traffic to your site and content. Like link wheel, the process is completely white hat and well rated within SEO. Link chaos or link pushing as it is also commonly known has bee tried, tested and proven to improve traffic to your site through keyword usage. The viewer will be sent to your content, but it will not be obvious in the way that link wheel is, and therefore there is no way that it can harm your content or your site or sites.

For many of us that are not so computer literate, the wide range of different methods to get views to your site can seem daunting, but it is important that you do. With there being so many sites on the World Wide Web these days, the competition to get to the top of the Search engine ratings is more and more fierce. It is therefore very important to keep updated on all the newest and latest advances in technology such as link chaos. You may choose to employ the skills of and SEO expert to launch and advertise your site and product, and in this way you can be assured that the latest methods such as link chaos will be used.

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