Social Media Marketing – The New Trend

By: Circle Limit Media

The SEO companies provide social media solutions that allow companies to use technology in innovative ways to ignite and cultivate conversations. These types of companies should develop campaigns from concept to implementation for social media marketing, advertising and audience outreach. The best service provider should understand the social media landscape and how to deliver complete solutions that drive results.

The emergence of social media technology has brought with it great change. Information distribution, consumer behavior, and personal and corporate transparency – whether welcomed or unwelcomed – have all changed. The desire of individuals to express opinion has not. Neither has the natural desire to congregate, converse and to socialize.

Some of the ways to implement social media marketing are:


•    Empower members to self-publish articles, and allow others to post comments

•    Foster member interaction via threaded discussions, giving users the option to review and respond

•    Invite people to post and view comments related to your featured content

•    Pose key multiple choice questions and allow members to vote and view results

Live and Event Chat

•    Enable real-time private or group chats, or conduct a live, moderated chat around a featured guest or event

Ratings and Reviews
•    Allow members to become critics by rating and reviewing content, products or services

Resource Manager
•    Share, edit and store documents and multimedia of all types in one central location

User Profiles

•    Create personal profiles and search for other members who share common interests

Member Directory management

•    Search for and find people, and view their profiles and friend lists

Friend Lists
•    Build social networks of existing connections and forge new ones

Private Messaging

•    Send private messages to other members from within your profile

Leverage an exclusive technology that enables social media campaigns to gain new customers and engage with the ones you already have.

A best social meadia marketer should have the following techniques in their arsenal to create that buzz in the internet

•    Social Network Marketing
•    Social Profile and Video Channel Account Setup
•    Ongoing Profile and Channel Management
•    Targeted Friend and Fan Outreach
•    Deployment of Creative Applications/Contesting
•    Content Distribution
•    Video Distribution Across Multiple Channels
•    Promotion on Content Sharing Communities
•    Servicing to Established Blog Universe
•    Blog Outreach
•    Extensive Research of Target Blog Universe
•    Forge Connections With Lead Influencers
•    Engage In a Long-Term Dialogue
•    Turn Influential Voices Into Brand Advocates
•    Reputation Monitoring
•    Real-time Tracking of Brand Discussion
•    Report Mentions, Gauge Sentiment
•    Escalate To Client For Necessary Responses
•    Corporate Blog Management
•    Design and Setup of Corporate Blog
•    Coordination with Client To Establish a Voice
•    Scheduled Posting of Approved Content

Online conversations and collaboration take many forms. The social media and networking technologies give your business a broad range of options through which to engage, interact, connect, and share information with your employees, customers, and partners.

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Circle Limit Media is a full-service digital agency focused on providing innovative services that inspire action through Social Media Marketing in Los Angeles. Circle Limit has over 10 years experience delivering creative solutions for our client’s online,  Marketing Materials needs worldwide. We bring boundless imagination with technological innovation to drive your business into the next generation.

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