SEO and the Google Panda Update and How it Affects Link Wheels

SEO has been one important and vital tool to be able to top the major search engines like Google. However, not all of the content made available on the web are quite useful as there are some content which are very useless. This may have helped some Internet marketers top the search engine results for a while but not until the Google Panda Update was launched and introduced to the Internet. Due to this, there had been major changes to how the search results appear. Panda was created to “content farms” as they called it, which combined the content with low-quality according to the most searched keywords up on Google and in sites like,, etc.

google panda updateWhat the Google Panda Update did was that it removed the spam farms on the top page of the search results and this is quite an advantage for the quality publishers. Most of the sites with spun content have lost their rankings and those with quality content have moved higher on the Google search result rankings. Usually, the sites that come with duplicate content have been removed while those sites having editorial, opinionated and original content were not affected on the Google Panda update. Some of the content sites that did well contained unique videos embedded on their pages, social networking site accounts and others.

For those Internet markets who have been affected with the Panda update in some ways, well they may find it a good news that they have not see the result of dropping in Yahoo or Bing where they get a foundation to build. Surely, they want to get their rankings back online, so they should ensure to install Google Webmaster Tools account and be able to rebuild each segment of their site. Furthermore, they can also improve their site by adding new content in the site and creating social media profiles and be able to add them into the site.

For the Internet marketers or site owners who wish to take advantage of the Panda, it is advisable that they look at installing blog on the site on a daily or weekly basis. More than quantity of content, fresh and brand new content is more essential than ever and they should also be able to integrate Facebook as well as Twitter feeds into the site. When they get more links from these two social networking sites, it will be of better advantage on their part. When their site comes with duplicate content on the site, they need to watch those no-indexed pages to be able to avoid the whole site looking a splog or a spam blog.

Panda is considered the largest algorithm change for the past decade and this affected over 16% of all search questions. It was recommended that 300-word unique and fresh articles would be able to provide better index rate and get to pass a considerable amount of “link juice” compared to the 200-word article post. Also, link wheel web 2.0 is being abused by the automated software and Google Update Panda reduced the number of Web 2.0 websites to only those sites having better and stricter editorial standards.


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